Mobile app and PWA development with Ionic

In the age of the smartphone, having a mobile app and/or mobile optimized website is essential to connect with your customers and audience. However getting a high quality, secure app built for Android, iOS and the web can be an expensive undertaking.

Why do you need a PWA? What is a PWA?!

Progressive Web Application's (PWA) are a special type of super-charged mobile optimised site with the core powers and experience of a native app.

Utilising features found in the latest mobile browsers you can deliver a mobile app experience without having to pay 30% to the app stores for In-App purchases.

Numerous large companies (Tinder, Pintrest, Forbes, Trivago etc) have found increased engagement with users on their PWA compared to the native app.

How to reduce costs and improve time to market

In the past start-ups have often faced the dilemma of initially only being able to afford development for either Apple or Android, not to mention the web.

Cross-platform frameworks have long been a solution to reduce development costs and time, but not without their own issues in the early days.

The maturing of the iOS and Android platforms along with the Ionic framework now makes cross-platform development a clear choice for the majority of apps.

With Ionic the same codebase can be used to build an Android, iOS and PWA app, greatly reducing costs and time to market.

Google Cloud Platform Support

Every app needs a backend, and we bring extensive experience with the Google Cloud Platform to build secure, scalable backend for your app.


Google Cloud Platform beats AWS and Azure on pricing and performance for VMs and more, saving your startup valuable dollars.


Google's fully managed services make it easy to launch and grow your app.

Scale Up

Leverage the infrastructure that powers Google's global services to scale your app to millions of users.

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