30 Nov 2016

Software development has had a checkered history of projects running over budget, missing functionality and delivering late. A significant contributor to these failures is use of the waterfall approach to software development, where a specification is handed over to the development team at the beginning, and the first release of software delivered late in the development cycle, with user acceptance testing to follow. Agile development methodologies came about to fix the problems inherent with this approach by increasing customer engagement throughout the process and continuous delivery of working software.

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Gitlab migration

30 Oct 2016

Cloneder is moving to a new home at and for the Git repository. If you are actively working on your Cloneder project then follow the steps below and email your Gitlab username to along with your existing BitBucket username or your PayPal payment email so we can match it to our records. If you are not currently developing with the code there is no need to create a GitLab account right now.

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Debugging a critical local storage Heisenbug

21 Sep 2016

The German theoretical physicist Werner Heisenberg first asserted the observer effect in quantum mechanics, which the act of observing a system causes its state to alter. This gave rise to the computer programming term Heisenbug for a bug which disappears or alter the program behavior when one attempts to debug it, which can be a very frustrating experience. When a customer was doing some testing before rolling launching their Cloneder based app we received an email

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